May 2018 - UpSkill Introductory Workshop

Shedding started off with a tiny verandah, a bunch of benches and a grant from Byron Shire Council with which we kicked off our 3 hour UpSkill workshop, offering students an introduction to the fundamentals of carpentry and building. But more than that, it is an introduction to an attitude towards learning and self-discovery.

September 2018 - Build Pallet Furniture

Not long after UpSkill kicked off we were approached by Byron Community College and launched our 8-week Build Pallet Furniture Course, which is part-funded by the NSW Government. This course offers students to learn a new power-tool each week to design and construct their own furniture piece by the end of the course.

December 2018 - Our First Shedding Open Day

We invited a host of local organisations to come together and share skills and knowledge with our community at our bustlingOpen Day. Locals got a little taste of what it is to become a ‘Shedder’, amidst the scents of Indian curry and mango ice cream wafting upon the melodies of local live music.

February 2019 - DIY Tricks of the Trade

Our DIY Tricks of the Trade workshop offers a smorgasbord of skills in all those nifty home reno jobs that never seem to get done! We explore a variety of genres including plasterboard, glass, concrete, brick, metal and sealants. It’s fun and fast-paced and loaded with take-home tips and tricks.

August 2019 - Tools & Tinker

Our weekly advanced​ Tools & Tinker workshop offers a casual space for Shedders to collectively tinker on their own projects.. It is a place for networking and connection, often resulting in new friendships and offers of exchange outside of the workshop. It runs every Friday and has received funding support through Southern Cross Credit Union

October 2019 - Rainbow Shedders

We hosted this one-day event to come together as a community and learn tools as we constructed a colourful rainbow, from recycled and reclaimed materials. Supported by funding from WayAhead Mental Health Association NSW as part of Mental Health Month, this event was about raising awareness and celebrating our diversity in identity, gender and sexuality.

November 2019 - Shelter Building Course

Our Shelter Building Course is a step up from carpentry into the world of building – similar principles but with a delightful necessity for teamwork. Students come together to build a small-scale relocatable hardwood shelter – discovering the complexities of construction codes and building standards. This course has been funded by Byron Shire Council.

February 2020 - Another Open Day!

We had another delightfully successful ​Open Day in 2020 with over 200 guests and bustling activity, including hands-on Shedding mini-workshops, sustainable building demonstrations and displays from a host of local organisations and food, drink and music for all. Our Open Day received the support of over 60 volunteers and funding from Byron Shire Council.

March 2020 - Cob Building Workshop

We teamed up with a couple of inspiring earth builders – Lucy and Campbell – to host our Cob Building workshop, sharing the theory and practise of using this natural material. With mud between our toes we tested and mixed cob to build a rocket stove and a bottle brick wall together.

April 2020 - A Dream for the Future

After 6 months of anticipation the Development Application for our new off-grid shed was approved. Until then, the home of Shedding had been a little verandah overlooking the back field and an old basketball court emanating our vision for the future. Our new shed would allow us to run even more workshops for even more people with more tools than ever.

July 2020 - Construct Workshop

We announced our latest workshop series with much excitement. The Construct workshop allows us to jump into the details and complexities of construction. It offers a comprehensive training in all our power tools ready to launch you into all your creative carpentry desires, with the added knowledge of design and planning – sometimes the most important bit!

August 2020 - Toolbelt Making Workshop

We collaborated with Rachel at Bangalow Shoemaking who hosts our students to custom-make their own tool belt specific to their own needs.

August 2020 - Our Off-Grid Shed plans

After months of planning and preparation we stepped into Stage 2 – hosting a fundraiser to continue our adventure.

November 2020 - The Repair Cafe

We excitedly joined forces with REPAIR CAFE and welcomed them into our space in a joyful collaboration of generous and clever humans.

July 2021 - Co-Create Workshop

This space is for advanced Shedders to work on self-directed projects in a shared workshop environment, utilising the tools and skills that they learnt in UPSKILL and CONSTRUCT. 

July 2021 - Shedding On-Site

Created for our crew who wanted to put their skills to use, we welcomed our Shedders to jump onto a real building site and construct for members of our community. Through this initiative, we built a range of structures, decks, outdoor showers, and sculptures for individuals and organisations, as well as becoming the set up and pack down crew for local events.

February 2022 - Flood Recovery Repair Project

After the floods we worked with REPAIR CAFE in hosting a HUGE Flood Recovery Program to save items from landfill, and support all who were impacted. The floods washed away much of our stability and motivation and left us all burnt out and needing a rest.

April 2022 - The Big Move

By some miracle, we were offered to relocate to the Railway Shed (at 18 Prince Street) and moved our entire shed across town with the generous help of our Shedders. We have loved transforming this incredibly large space to give it our personal touch of intimacy and vibrancy. Plans for our off-grid shed are still on the back-burner and this long-term dream is still alive.

November 2022 - SpaceMakers Workshop

We created this workshop to invite students to collaboratively design and build our community space. We work together learning about design, context, installation, renovation and retro-fitting space.

April 2023 - The Empower Program

Sharing our skills in teaching and leading to empower others across the region with hands-on skills in carpentry and building for wellbeing and community connection.