Who knew learning how to use an angle grinder, impact driver and Japanese hand saw would give me such a fresh outlook on life? Sophie is a wonderful teacher who not only makes it look easy to DIY your own handyman jobs but actually makes it easy to learn and apply.

DanielleDIY Tricks of the Trade student

I have a new passion! Sophie was a fantastic teacher. The space was great. Enough tools for everyone. Her demonstrations and instructions were fabulous, clear, patient and encouraging. I will be back for more. Absolutely loved it!

JulieUpSkill student

Sophie may be young, but she is a powerhouse of inspiration, motivation and grit. She gets her message across to all age groups and explains complicated things so simply that it inspires you to better things. In her special way, she is creating a community where all work joyfully together.

GiuliaDIY Tricks of the Trade student

I couldn’t speak more highly of Shedding. The workshops are relaxed, non-threatening, educational, and fun. I’m hooked! As a non-binary and queer person, I am often excluded from the various community projects that are available. Here, I immediately felt truly welcomed and seen. This place gets the big rainbow tick of approval.

AidenBuild Pallet Furniture student

Highly recommended! Even in a few short hours, Sophie was able to explain the basics of a number of tools and building terminology and then gave the students a chance to put their new found knowledge to the test with her guidance. I will definitely be back to test my skills!

GabiBuild Pallet Furniture student

I didn’t have to ask one question because Sophie covered everything! I walked away empowered and hungry for more. I loved the intention of this space and the generosity of the facilitators. If you’re considering a workshop, or donating (cash, knowledge or tools): DO IT! You will love being a part of this powerful project.

TanithUpSkill student

So much more than upskilling and learning about tools or carpentry – Shedding is a place where we come together to share stories and empower ourselves and each other. I learnt heaps about basic power tools in a safe environment. Big ups to Sophie and the Shedding community for creating a unique space. Can’t wait for more!

ShaniUpSkill student

I absolutely love going to Shedding Tools & Tinker afternoons. The UpSkill introduction was one of my favourites – I got such clear in-depth knowledge from it. I left feeling empowered and excited and full of energy from knowledge I gained. The space allows you to apply yourself and learn while being supported by others.

MaudTools & Tinker student

It’s empowering to learn to use and master mysterious tools. To learn woodworking techniques and processes with a hands on approach. Shedding is an encouraging, sharing and respectful learning environment, which is refreshing after some of my previous experiences. Shedding has enriched my life. I highly recommend this workshop.

SandyBuild Pallet Furniture student

Shedding is great for learning tools and connecting with the community. Sophie is an amazing teacher with a contagious energy. Her passion for building and helping people allowed me to feel really comfortable asking questions and even making mistakes. I knew she had the patience to guide me through it all. Get amongst it!

KristyUpSkill student