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Welcome to Shedding Community Workshop Inc

Shed your fears and build with curiosity

Shedding Community Workshop Inc offers an all-inclusive space for our community to come together in a safe environment and discover a passion for tools, hands-on learning and self-discovery. Based in Mullumbimby.

We are a ‘grass roots’ not-for-profit organisation and we care deeply for the well-being of our ‘Shedders’ and our environment. We use reclaimed and recycled materials to provide an inventive education in sustainability, and we use tools as an avenue towards self-empowerment, resilience and community connection.

'So much more than upskilling and learning about tools and carpentry.'

Shani – UpSkill student

Our Values


Shedding is an all-inclusive space. All people are welcome here.

Our focus is on wellbeing first, as a foundation to learning tools and sharing community spaces.

Our Agreements

At Shedding, we have a few agreements to help us inclusively support each other in our shared community space.

Through our participation in Shedding we each make an agreement to actively participate in these values

Celebrate mistakes
Ever felt the embarrassment and discomfort of doing something ‘wrong’? Well no more!

Mistakes provide a delightful discovery into flexibility, versatility and sometimes even genius. We believe that mistakes are a valuable piece of the puzzle of learning, and that they are something worth celebrating!

Communicate our needs
Take ownership and responsibility to communicate our needs with vulnerability and authenticity.
Own the tool
Ever had that feeling of frustration towards someone who takes the tool from you to try and teach you?

At Shedding we say “Own your Tool”.

There is a great feeling of empowerment in this and also an important connection between your physical body, your senses and your mind.

We believe that this connection is critical to your learning potential.

Check in with our feelings
And how they may impact ourselves and those around us.

When we identify and acknowledge how we are feeling (emotionally and physically) we can respond to our own needs and work to our own ever-changing capacity.

Be kind
Actively treat ourselves and others with compassion and kindness.

'You'll feel warmly welcomed regardless of age, gender, skill or previous experience.'

Pesche | Build Pallet Furniture student

There's a workshop for everyone!

New to Shedding?

UpSkill is the workshop for you

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24 May
10:00 am
Shedding Community Workshop


31 May
10:00 am
Shedding Community Workshop


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